Case Study – Cut Flowers


  • Hornet: 40cm probe
  • Soil type: Cocopeat containers
  • Crop: Cut flowers (Greenhouse production)
  • Location: North of Perth
  • Irrigation type: Overhead spray irrigation

The 40cm Hornet probe is placed horizontally in a crate growing the cut flowers but only the 30cm sensor is used for monitoring.

Cut flowers case study graph

Notice the high water holding capacity of the cocopeat at around 33 to 35 mm of water. Set points have been established in a tight band to give optimum moisture levels. The irrigation operator is doing a great job keeping levels in the optimum zone. All that is needed under these conditions is an early morning watering of about 2.5-3.0mm.

Case Study

The EC graph above monitors the EC in the cocopeat. Ideal EC levels are around 1.5. Fertiliser is applied through the water during summer and then granulated during winter. Adjustments are make to keep the EC in the range 1.3 to 1.8 EC. The grower is doing a good job maintaining levels within this range.

Crop benefit from using the Hornet. – increased crop height and bud size. Consistent quality production no matter the weather. Prior to the Hornet crop production varied greatly depending on the weather conditions.