Case Study – Salt Tolerant Grass


  • Hornet: 40cm probe
  • Soil Type: Sandy loam
  • Crop: Salt tolerant turf
  • Location: Geraldton, Western Australia
  • Irrigation type: Spray Irrigation

This is a 40cm probe in a highly salt tolerant turf called Salteen. The soil is a sandy loam Geraldton WA and the oval is being irrigated with bore water.

salt tolerant turf case study - soil moisture

The graph above shows EC (Electrical Conductivity a measure of Salinity) at 10cm (blue) and 30cm (red). For most plants an EC reading of 200 ms/m would be lethal but Salteen is highly salt tolerant. Notice the salinity build up over time. It wasn’t until two rainfall events in early March that the salt was flushed from the profile (see the soil moisture graph below)

salt tolerant turf case study salinity

Turf benefits – measuring moisture and EC can identify salt problems in the soil and highlight the need for remedial action.