Hornet installation is easy. Please view the video below to see how easy it is.

The tools you require are:

  • A “gimpy hammer@
  • A piece of wood (100mmx80-100mmmmx500mm long)
  • A piece of round PVC pipe for logger housing (80mm dia x 100mm long) with a hole drilled in the side for the probe connector and lead to go through)
  • A lid for the PVC pipe.
  • A piece of steel pipe (4mm wall thickness x 32mm external diameter x 800mm long)
  • Flat mouth shovel.
  • A piece of artificial turf that will be glued to the top of the logger housing.
  • A screw driver to remove soil from the corer pipe.

All these items can be purchased from your local hardware store.

If the soil is dry and hard you will need to take “bite” sized chunks at a time. The process will take longer but it will mean a clean installation. Installation into a gravelly soil may need to be done using an auger. The correct auger can be purchased from:

PJ & PR Tucker (Tucker’s Augers) Phone: 08 8595 1698 or email: You will need a 36mm auger with single slot for enviropro probe plus tee handle and auger clean out tool. The cost is around $200.