Turf Irrigation

C-1With Australia becoming hotter and drier, turf will need to be managed with less water. Soil moisture meter is an easy way to achieve quality turf with less water.

The Hornet remotely monitors the level of moisture in the root zone and assists you to fine tune the amount of water you apply to prevent over or under watering.

The key is to get the balance right. The Hornet helps in achieving this balance by guiding you on the amount and frequency of irrigation applied to achieve consistent turf quality without over watering.

“The Hornet assists us with fine tuning our watering regimes to prevent watering beyond the root zone.”


– Andrew O’Farrell,Irrigation Supervisor, City of Joondalup.

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It allows you to:

  • Confirm the amount of irrigation applied
  • Keep soil moisture levels in the “optimum zone” for any specific site
  • Monitor excessive irrigation events

The Hornet also measures EC (Electrical Conductivity) so you can accurately track and manage salinity levels in the soil and follow the movement of fertiliser applications.

“The Hornet has given us the confidence to use a marginal quality water source to maintain high quality turf. This has led to major cost savings due to the previous high usage of expensive and precious scheme water.”


– Supervisor Parks & Landscapes, Dion Mollica, City of Fremantle



The Hornet comprises a soil moisture probe and a compact water proof logger – about the size of a mobile phone! It is powered by a long life lithium ion battery and can be installed and activated in minutes. No more lengthy cables, mains power and costly installations.
Soil moisture monitoring Devices
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Advanced hardware

The Hornet measures soil moisture, salinity and temperature at four depths down to 40cm. The probe is connected to the logger housed under the turf surface. With the Hornet you can monitor the impact of salty irrigation water and the movement of fertiliser through the soil profile. The Hornet also measures soil temperature which can be used to assist in the timing of herbicide and fertiliser applications.

The logger stores data from the probe and sends it via the mobile phone network to a secure website. You can access the Hornet data via PC’S, smart phones and tablets anywhere with internet access.

Advanced Software

Interpreting soil moisture levels on the website is simple, a graph compares your current moisture levels with wet and dry set points. Adjust your scheduling to keep the soil moisture level between the two lines and in the OPTIMUM zone, saving water and optimising turf growth.

It is as simple as using the log-in on the home page to access your data. Once you’re in it is just a click of the mouse to view graphs, zoom, change dates etc.

Software features include:

  • You can have unlimited secure client and user logins.
  • Easy to use software that can be tailored to suit specific needs.
  • Easy to use graphs that show soil moisture, salinity and temperature.
  • Soil moisture specific features including set points to identify when to irrigate and how much to irrigate.
  • Click and drag viewing of graphs with quick refresh times.
  • Low website hosting costs.

Percent soil moisture level at 10cm under a sports oval

Percent soil moisture at 10cm under a sports oval. Notice that the soil moisture levels are within the optimum zone.


Purchase a Hornet and you will receive the following support:

  • Software set-up to suit your needs
  • Phone support for the first week of operation.
  • Quick response to problems if they occur.

Device installation Support Service
The Hornet doesn’t control you irrigation system. Soil moisture monitoring systems that control your irrigation systems are more complicated, expensive to install, can interfere with your irrigation system and are a crop risk if something goes wrong.

At KISS monitoring we believe that by interpreting the data and making decisions at the human level is critical for optimizing crop growth and minimizing risk of crop failure or reduced crop production.

The Hornet has many advantages:

Easily relocatable 5 year warranty (probe only)
Web enabled, no software needed Assessable remotely
Plug & play technology Low running costs
Rugged, accurate, reliable& waterproof Minimal maintenance
24/7 monitoring Battery powered (> 2 years )
Measures salinity and temperature Track fertiliser use

With the development of the Hornet , soil moisture monitoring is now inexpensive, accurate, reliable and easy to use.

soil moisture devices in PVC tube demo
Logger ready to be placed in PVC tube and joined to the probe cable.
soil moisture monitoring meter installation step 2
Logger connected in housing.
soil moisture sensor after installation
Cap on and activated.